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We're in the process of launching an 

original, portable, smoker barbecue!

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About Us


Born out of a love for fabrication, the outdoors and cooking with fire and smoke...

Our aim is to provide a portable smoker experience.  Perfect for camping trips, days at the beach, picnics and smaller home cook outs...


No longer have to decide what to leave behind on camping trips, the kids or the smoker?!

These fit in the boot of a mini! (We've tested it)!

No longer have to worry about filling the giant fuel guzzling smoker up with charcoal just for a small cook!

These run hassle free and efficiently on a small amount of fuel!

A great addition to your ultimate outdoor dining set-up, or where outdoor space is limited, for instance a balcony or small garden!


We're a small and independent garage workshop based project aiming to provide handmade to order smoker barbecues, bespoke stainless grills and devices for flame forged cooking...

Please Contact Us for information and enquiries and we'll do our best to help!

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